Time Lapse Animations

Transit Ridership 3D Model

A 3D model of transit data with fly-through and a time lapse animation at the end.

I created the transit 3D model in ArcGIS Pro with data publicly available from Regional Transportation Data Clearing House (RTDC). Work included exploring the data for note worthy stats, creating the model, stylizing the colors, controlling the fly-over animation and adding the call out facts. I then exported the video to OpenShot where I added audio, sound effects, and a transition. This is the first time I have done any video editing.

Sort of a repeat, but I did experiment with exporting my transit time lapse as a GIF (this is shown at the end of the video) and it does stand alone quite nicely on a page.

Tissue Flow Map

In honor of Lions Gift of Sight’s 60th anniversary, I created an animated tissue flow map to show where the eye bank has sent tissue from 2011 to 2019. This reflected only a small portion of their total tissues sent to transplant and research recipients in their 60 year history.

Tissue flow map web app which includes the time lapse.

In addition to this animation, I wrote a detailed story map with an impact analysis to help quantify the good that the eye bank does for those who receive their tissue. Eye donation is the second most common form of tissue donation and nearly 80,000 tissues were donated in 2018 alone.

The impact of eye donation story map

The Transit Ridership movie and tissue flow map were the two largest time lapse projects that I have worked on, though I have created several maps with a time including wildfire perimeter changes and earthquakes in the United States.

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