Structured Query Language (SQL) is used in both the GIS and Data Science world to work with data in their natural habitat–databases.

In GIS, I use SQL to create definition queries to reduce the amount of data shown on a layer or to specify items that meet specific criteria. It’s helpful when writing label classes in ArcGIS Pro.

In my position as a Data Analyst at Lions Gift of Sight, I use SQL to query the database bringing in only the amount of data needed to answer the question at hand. Additionally, since I work with the database through Tableau, I spend time writing custom calculated fields which utilize many features from SQL such as the Case Statement. Calculated fields also allow me to perform data cleaning tasks such as converting text to all upper or lower case, combining fields, trimming spaces, and normalizing text categories (to get all the hospitals to have similar department names).

I have also employed calculated fields and custom filters in Tableau Prep where I have set up workflows to routinely search for data entry errors or entries that need to be addressed within the database.

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