Planning Missions

Mission planning covered learning unmanned aerial system operator rules and regulations under FAA Part 107 C, including taking a practice test, observing weather conditions, and planning out autonomous missions in QGroundControl.

Flying Drones

My drone experience includes flying UASes manually as well as using autonomous mission plans.

Processing & Analyzing Data

In my drones class, I learned to geotag drone mission images using Mission Planner, GeoSetter, and Event38. I also had significant experience processing and analyzing data in Pix4D, a professional photogrammetry software used specifically for drone mapping. Analysis tasks included creating 3D point cloud models, orthomosaics, and digital surface models, as well as performing NDVI analyses and taking volumetrics.

Final Project

For my final project, I put all of these skills together where I planned, flew, processed and analyzed all my collected data for a “client”. This included compiling a professional report answering client questions about their study area.

Click to view my final project PDF.

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