Data Analysis in Tableau

Report findings and analysis are best communicated through data visualizations. Color, shapes, and images help our brains to make sense of the underlying patterns within a dataset. Without the ability to see the patterns, we are unable to make informed decisions.

For this analysis, I pulled down an online retail store dataset from Kaggle. I managed the project from data clean up to visualization. Using Tableau Prep, I grouped similar item categories, cleaned up text (removed numbers, punctuation, and fixed casing), and added Level of Detail calculations and rankings.

Once in Tableau Desktop, I created my visualizations and final workbook. Analysis includes:

  • A Pearson Correlation Matrix of product categories sold
  • Customer Segmentation (K-means clustering) scatter plot and map
  • Sales forecast
  • Sales ranking by country
  • Sales time heat map

Explore my completed Tableau Workbook demo in Tableau Reader.

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