Reblog: Self-publishing News: New Year, New Predictions | Alliance of Independent Authors: Self-Publishing Advice Center

I just read a fascinating article by ALLi (see below). Some of these trends I noticed in general, such as so many things moving towards subscription. But I love the idea of moving towards more interactive stories and what that means for the writers. There are so many variables to combine and that is whatContinue reading “Reblog: Self-publishing News: New Year, New Predictions | Alliance of Independent Authors: Self-Publishing Advice Center”

Late for Work

Lucas packed his work bag, filled his coffee mug, and headed out into the chill. He hastily sipped his coffee before flinging his car door open. Once inside, he position his items, started the car, and opened the garage door. Each action a smooth, practiced motion that took a fraction of a second. The engineContinue reading “Late for Work”


The “Year of the Submission” is soon to close out and a new one to come whisking by. A special shout out to Aeryn Rudel and his blog REJECTOMANCY. You have inspired me to get off my butt, hit the rejection pavement, and start getting acceptances. For 2018 I have sent 41 submissions and received two acceptances!Continue reading “Homage to REJECTOMANCY”

Illustrate our world

Words are exacting with their imprecision. Capturing moods, colors, but leaving measurements and formulas out. Words illustrate our world as paintings use the human eye to capture low lighting though the proportions are disjointed. This is how the writing goes painful and broken. Without sacrifice there can’t be art. Finding strength with my pen, liftingContinue reading “Illustrate our world”

Some other mother

It’s so stupid how out of no where it hits you. This wave of sorrow and guilt for something that isn’t even your fault. How tears eat away at brown eyes and you remember when your co-worker made you cry. How it was nothing in particular but really it was the weight of the wholeContinue reading “Some other mother”

Welcome to the world

Ah, and so there must always be a first. A first deep breath of a spring morning, the first kiss of the day, and even the first blog post. Things are heating up and getting real in my writing life. It’s certainly not visible to the outside world *cough-cough* you guys, but we are feelingContinue reading “Welcome to the world”