Debut Novel: Rootwork by Tracy Cross

Spanish moss and the rich, earthy smells of the bayou jump from the pages of Tracy’s debut novel Rootwork. Three sisters, Pee Wee, Ann, and Betty, spend a summer helping their aunt Teddy, a locally notorious conjure woman, in her hoodoo work. Aunt Teddy sends them on all kinds of odd tasks to gather ingredients.Continue reading “Debut Novel: Rootwork by Tracy Cross”

Poetry Featured

I have some exciting news! My poem “From Ashes, I rise” is being featured on Joshua Lee Ronin’s Ronin Radio. You can join us on the Discord server or via his website. My reading is exclusive only to Joshua’s station and will be on rotation as featured contented until the end of the month. HeContinue reading “Poetry Featured”

Book Review: Blue Crayon

“Blue Crayon” is a poetry chapbook about the darkness of mental illness. The opening poem about self-harming with a crayon puts you in Rowan’s shoes as she walks you through the twisting, painful roads of coming of age in the 21st century. There are some interesting flashes of the fun personality that she can be.Continue reading “Book Review: Blue Crayon”

Book Review: Mixed Rhythms and Shady Rhymes

Teresa Fowler is snappy, racy, and venomous (in a good way!) in her poetry book “Mixed Rhythms and Shady Rhymes”.  Her poems roll out line after line of wit and clearheaded societal observation. She both builds a picture of our life today in the era of Twitter and podcasts, Woke-blokes and man-splaining, as she critiquesContinue reading “Book Review: Mixed Rhythms and Shady Rhymes”

The Endless Night

I am chopping onions and garlic for dinner and my two year-old is playing with his cars. My house and my home are humming along just fine. Earlier I had been sent home from work early. The University I work for decided to close campus for the next day and a half due to unheardContinue reading “The Endless Night”