Book Review: Blue Crayon

“Blue Crayon” is a poetry chapbook about the darkness of mental illness. The opening poem about self-harming with a crayon puts you in Rowan’s shoes as she walks you through the twisting, painful roads of coming of age in the 21st century.

There are some interesting flashes of the fun personality that she can be. I was touched by the note of hope and healing that the chapbook ended on. I hope to see future titles from Rowan with themes of healing and strength. This took so much courage to put down on paper, but I also know the healing effects that writing can have to work out that pain.

My favorite poem was #14. She is crisp, helping to convey the disjointed reality of midnight and how disorienting the depths of depression can be. The lines “my chamomile tea / tastes like / chocolate” lingers as do the rest.

A good quick read. I highly recommend it.

Published by lxpetrik

Amber Benbow is a science fiction and fantasy writer with mouth-watering dreams of the future. She has been previously published in "Power Loss", "Arc City Stories", and "Minnesota's Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction" among others. Currently, she is employed by the Lions Gift of Sight in St. Paul as a Business Analyst.

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