Late for Work

Lucas packed his work bag, filled his coffee mug, and headed out into the chill.

He hastily sipped his coffee before flinging his car door open. Once inside, he position his items, started the car, and opened the garage door. Each action a smooth, practiced motion that took a fraction of a second.

The engine turned over letting out a comfortable growl. He loved the feel of it purring beneath his fingers through the steering wheel. The radio blared at him, still set to an ungodly volume from his commute home. He sighed as he turned it down.

One more sip of coffee and then he was strapping himself in; foot poised over the brake. He reached for the shifter and clicked into drive with an easy swipe. The backup cam popped up on his dash. At first there was nothing, just the absence of his radio. Then the familiar image of his driveway appeared. It was blurred at the edges where road grime clung to the camera clouding it.

But it was the shape of a person that caught his eye. He had already released the brake and was beginning to back out, when the image registered in his mind.


He hit the brake an instant later. Mere milliseconds had transpired.

What the hell?

Lucas parked the car and opened his door. His breath left him in bursting puffs; white wisps that billowed out before him. The flakes fell thick in the predawn. The only light came from his garage.

He stared down his empty driveway. No one was there.

A wind caught the accumulated flakes and gave them a playful swirl.

Lucas was alone.

Published by lxpetrik

Amber Benbow is a science fiction and fantasy writer with mouth-watering dreams of the future. She has been previously published in "Power Loss", "Arc City Stories", and "Minnesota's Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction" among others. Currently, she is employed by the Lions Gift of Sight in St. Paul as a Business Analyst.

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