Writer’s Prompt


  • Characters
  • Settings
  • Items and any other odds and ends that have the “spark”
  • 250 verbs
  • A room full of writers


Five minutes before writer’s group officially starts, hand out printed documents and scissors. Provide three mixing bowls and a colander (or a fourth mixing bowl if you are an adult and own that many) for each category.

Each writer draws one setting, two characters and at least three verbs (some took a “pinch”!) and writes. We do not set a time limits.

Results will be hilarious, dramatic, and spectacular.

Here’s a link to the doc I used with my writer’s group to get you started. I used a Pinterest board to collect ideas.

Published by lxpetrik

Amber Benbow is a science fiction and fantasy writer with mouth-watering dreams of the future. She has been previously published in "Power Loss", "Arc City Stories", and "Minnesota's Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction" among others. Currently, she is employed by the Lions Gift of Sight in St. Paul as a Business Analyst.

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