Book Review: Blue Crayon

“Blue Crayon” is a poetry chapbook about the darkness of mental illness. The opening poem about self-harming with a crayon puts you in Rowan’s shoes as she walks you through the twisting, painful roads of coming of age in the 21st century. There are some interesting flashes of the fun personality that she can be. […]

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Power Loss

The lights go out…in the winter. Dana, a single mother, scrambles to take care of her seven-month-old as the temperature drops. The stakes have never been higher. Read “Roads Unpaved” by Amber Benbow in Power Loss. Buy your copy today (free on Kindle Unlimited).

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Arc City Stories–Out now!

Hello everyone, our book Arc City stories is out now. An exciting exploration of what the future will look like in the not so distant future. Please visit our publisher’s website to purchase a copy. Thank you for your support and I hope to have more projects coming out soon. ❤

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The Endless Night

I am chopping onions and garlic for dinner and my two year-old is playing with his cars. My house and my home are humming along just fine. Earlier I had been sent home from work early. The University I work for decided to close campus for the next day and a half due to unheard […]

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Walking with a Purpose

“I guess you’re right,” he said, as she wrapped a scarf around him. “You just get so used to being cold that you forget.”

My heart broke, crying out in pain for another human being. How could we do this to our fellow man?

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sipping 20 year old wine, dining on Indian food, enjoying a host’s good graces. tonight, I felt my age.

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